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The Lode Straight Tube Pipe V1

The Lode Straight Tube Pipe V1

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The Lode Straight Tube Pipe delivers a rich and rewarding experience. The shaft is built out of incredibly thick 9mm borosilicate glass, providing clean hits in an astonishingly durable package. The matrix and inline percolators at the base work in tandem to create smooth draws. Throw some ice cubes into the gold bar ice pinch and your draws will strike a whole new vein of smoothness. Claim the Lode Straight Tube Pipe as your own and your journey will reach new heights. 

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Unparralled Durability

Every Oro Straight Tube is crafted of the thickest, highest-quality borosilicate glass in the industry, resulting in glass pipes that are unbelievably strong.

Classic Beauty Meets High Function

From the two percolators in it's base to the custom accents on the mouthpiece, Oro Straight Tubes take an iconic design and makes it shine like never before.

Made in the U.S.A.

Unlike most other companies, our water pipes are handblown right here in the United States. Each piece occupies a brilliant convergence between quality and affordability.

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