Oro Glass Company Black Friday BOGO Sale

The Oro Black Friday BOGO Sale: Ultimate Deals Revealed

As the holiday season dawns, the spirit of giving and receiving is palpable. And if there's one thing that amplifies this season's joy, it's the incredible deals that make every shopper's heart skip a beat. We're thrilled to present our Black Friday BOGO Sale, where the year's most anticipated deals meet the craftsmanship and artistry of our glass creations!

The magic of Black Friday is all about discovering those unbeatable offers, and at Oro Glass Company, we've pulled out all the stops to ensure you find the best deals of the season. From water pipes that offer the smoothest hits to hand pipes that shine bright, our Black Friday deals are designed to enhance your smoking experience and bring you unparalleled value! Here are some of the best deals from our Black Friday BOGO Sale.

12 Karat Beaker

12 Karat Beaker
Buy One, Get Another Water Pipe Half Off*
The 12 Karat Beaker is an icon among icons, taking on a classic 12-inch height of the Oro beaker design. This moderately-sized pipe is handcrafted out of the thickest borosilicate glass on the market. It's size will give you larger rips then the 8.5 Karat Beaker, but it's also more compact than the 18 Karat Beaker. A perfect option for rookies and veterans alike.


The Mother Lode Straight Tube Pipe

The Mother Lode Straight Tube Pipe
Buy One, Get Another Water Pipe Half Off
The Mother Lode Straight Tube Pipe is an absolute treasure. Every time you use the Mother Lode, your hit travels through two exquisitely-crafted glass percolators. It then funnels up through an 18-inch shaft constructed of the thickest American-blown borosilicate glass before reaching the surface. This magnificent piece receives the highest grades in functionality, durability, and beauty. The Mother Lode Straight Tube Pipe is the cream of an already plentiful crop.

Highbanker Modular Water Pipe

Highbanker Modular Water PipeBuy One, Get Another Water Pipe Half Off*
The Highbanker Adjustable Water Pipe combines high-quality glass with an adjustable experience. The pipe can be used in two different fashions based on where your put the neck. Slide the neck into the top joint for a more traditional beaker-like smoking encounter. Slide it in the side joint for added comfort and ease of use. This American-blown beauty also comes with both an Oro Slide and an Oro Banger, enabling you to further customize your experience to your exact wants and needs. When it comes to flexibility, the Highbanker Adjustable Water Pipe is a precious commodity.

Gemstone Pipes

Oro Glass Company Gemstone Pipes
Buy One, Get One Free
Our Gemstone Pipes comprise a stunning collection of beautifully-crafted pieces. Each of these wonderful faceted hand pipes is inspired by our planet's precious birthstones. They're made of high-quality materials and function fantastically. Secure your treasure by collecting the whole set.

Dichro Slide Bowl

An Oro Dichro Slide Bowl on an Oro 12 Karat BeakerBuy One, Get One Free
The Oro Dichro Slide Bowl takes our proprietary slide design and applies a brilliant upgrade. Each slide is crafted with stunning dichromatic glass, adding that extra golden sparkle that every piece deserves. The Dichro Slide Bowl is also fitted with all the accoutrements seen on our Clear Slide Bowl design. 

Beveled Clear Quartz Dab Banger

An Oro Beveled Clear Quartz Dab Banger on a Highbanker Modular Water Pipe
Buy One, Get One Free
The Beveled Clear Quartz Dab Banger features a design born out of years of customer feedback. The base of the bucket is thick, retaining heat and increasing durability. Further durability is provided through the full weld joint, strengthening the integrity of the seal. The beveled edge around the rim neatly keeps any carb caps firmly in place. Providing the Gold Standard means everything to us, even when it comes to a simple banger.

18mm to 14mm Diffused Downstem

An Oro 18mm to 14mm Diffused Downstem
Buy One, Get One Free

Whether you're in search of a replacement or an upgrade, these 18mm to 14mm Diffused Downstems are an excellent choice. They come in a variety of lengths ranging from 3 inches to 6 inches and are made of premium glass. The sparkling gold Oro Glass logo adorns the shaft of the stem. The Oro Glass Company 18mm to 14mm Diffused Downstems is an exceptional addition to any water pipe setup.


Yellow Gold Rolling Tray

An Oro Yellow Gold Rolling Tray

Buy One, Get One Free
The Oro Yellow Gold Rolling Tray features a clean and pristine design. A yellow gold color base is adorned with black Oro Glass Company logo at the center. Strong metal maintains the shape of this classic construction. Rounded edges keep all your golden goods in place.
* Second water pipe must be of equal or lesser value to qualify
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